Amniotic stromal cells come from the Amniotic Sac – not an embryo. Unlike the controversial embryonic perinatal biologics, amniotic cells are ethically and safely harvested. Concentrated cord blood is also ethically harvested from a donating mother after a live birth.  Because both of these types are harvested right after a birth and are brand new cells, their potential to easily differentiate into other types of tissue make them considered to be more potent than older cells. They are both a great choice to use for regenerative treatment.


Advantages of amniotic and cord blood harvesting: 


  • They are brand new cells and are extremely potent. This means that they are able to heal more types of tissue quickly.
  • They can turn into almost any type of cell tissue. They potentially can treat multiple areas of damaged tissue.
  • They are “immune-privileged,” meaning that they can be deployed into any patient with patient rejection being extremely rare.
  • They possess important immune-modulation properties allowing them to get your immune system working properly. This means they may have the ability to turn down or turn off auto immune diseases.
  • They are harvested from a donating mother during either a scheduled C-section or after a live birth and processed at an FDA approved biologics lab. The cells go through rigorous testing like any other biologic tissue before they are sent to our clinics.